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JobsIN Teesside is an independent job board for the Tees Valley area and an ideal low-cost hiring solution for local businesses and SMEs.
Bringing employers and job-seekers of the region together to fill job vacancies, I am passionate about reducing unemployment in the area.


From Facebook To Local Business: My story


It all started in 2014. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to move back into my parent's home in Acklam.

At the time I was unemployed and claiming Employment and Support Allowance due to disability and illness. I was diagnosed with Haemochromatosis at the age of 25 and, although I was receiving treatment for it, I still suffered from its symptoms. My back and joints were extremely painful and I was extremely lethargic and tired all of the time. I was also eventually diagnosed with Sleep Aponea and was dealing with chronic depression and anxiety. All these conditions interacted with each other and worsened my symptoms. I was on various medications and they weren't helping.

I knew the only way to improve my situation was to find work. But I was having great difficulty finding anything that worked around my illnesses and disabilities and I almost gave up hope. I felt completely useless and felt bad about the situation I had found myself in. My job searches were constant and, out of the few jobs I was able to apply to, I was only invited to several interviews. Unfortunately, I was still unemployed.

I noticed that there were quite a few shops and businesses advertising their job vacancies in their windows and on their Facebook pages. These were jobs could not be found on job boards, in the jobcentre or local newspapers. I wondered how many people missed these opportunities.

I decided to create a community page on Facebook, a page allowing members of the public and businesses to share local jobs on the page, to raise awareness of employment opportunities within Teesside. I also posted jobs from job sites that I saw whilst doing my job searches. I called the page 'Jobs in Teesside'.



At first, things moved slowly. However, by 2015, the page activity and the number of followers was increasing in large bursts. The number of followers reached its peak in 2018 with 9.5k people following the page. People and local businesses were sharing jobs and it brought the Teesside community together.

In 2017 a friend of mine suggested I could turn my Facebook page into a business and become self-employed. That way I could work from home, around my illnesses and disabilities, and earn a living for myself. At first, I was sceptical because I didn't know anything about running a business. Then I discovered an opportunity for benefit claimants to get business advice, assistance with setting up and training to help them go self-employed.

During this time, anything in the news that was related to unemployment or benefits caught my eye. Benefit sanctions were on the increase. More and more people were having to rely on food banks. More and more families were falling into poverty. Children were going to school hungry. 

This upset me. Seeing so many people suffering so much more than I was put things into perspective. I was lucky, my parents took me in when I needed help. I felt a need to give something back and try to make a difference.

I made a decision and created JobsIN Teesside.



JobsIN Teesside is made for the businesses and job seekers of Teesside and the wider Tees Valley area.

I offer businesses an employer profile, an applicant management system, a variety of job posting options and the choice of receiving CVs by email or directing applicants to the job listing on their website.

I offer job seekers a job seeker profile, CV upload, intelligent job search, optional and customisable job alert emails and a quick application process.

I hope employers and job seekers alike find JobsIN Teesside a useful tool and together we can fill vacant positions and lower unemployment.


About me



Matt Irvine

I am the founder of JobsIN Teesside. I was born in Middlesbrough and lived in Acklam. I currently reside in Guisborough with my fiancée and our two cats.

My hobbies include; photography, fishing, video games, movies, playing the guitar, socialising with friends and keeping on top of my tarantula & snake husbandry.
I am also the Lead Moderator of a local Freecycle.org group and have created a local B2B networking group on Facebook where every business in the Tees Valley is welcome to join.

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